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100 Days of Drawing Greece

In April I joined The 100 Day Project. If you haven’t heard of it, the premise is quite simple... you choose your own project (not necessarily art) and commit to it for 100 consecutive days by posting daily update-photos on Instagram. Thousands of people from all over...

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The White Shirt

Just What is it about old buildings? Do you share the fascination? My current daily sketchbooks document an obsession with crumbly old houses, architectural details, ceramic tiles and agricultural huts. Just why do those faded shutters, hand-crafted doors and...

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Animal Fundraiser

A while back I was asked to create and donate a painting to appear in a fundraising calendar for the Animal Protection Association of Kalamata and a couple of other animal charities in Messinia.  I had a bit of fun deciding on an animal and eventually went with one of...

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3 New Paintings – 2 New Videos

Stin Kouzina Mas (In our Kitchen) was started over a year ago although completed only recently after re-working one entire section. I'm now, finally, rather pleased with it. In our kitchen tells the story - via many layers of drawings, paint, wax, acrylic transfer,...

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2017 Exhibition Updates

Good News: I'm honoured to have been asked to join a small group of local artists at an Exhibition in Koroni, organised by the Syllogos - for a few days after Easter. The venue is the Tarsouli Mansion, which happens to have been the subject of several of my...

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