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New! Cushions!

These cushions are incredibly soft and satiny and are a fabulous way to bring a little Greece-inspired art into your home. They’re made out of fine polyester (with a fleece backing to the fabric, which I suspect adds to the snuggle-factor). This smooth fabric gives...

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New! Tote Bags!

The first thing that struck me about these totes (apart from the lovely designs of course!) was just how strong they felt. They’re made of spun polyester with a soft black backing. The handles are strong cotton and they’re very well sewn. I particularly like the size...

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Dancing in Koroni – June 2018

You may or may not know that I dance with the Πολιτιστικος Συλλογος Κορωνης dance group. There are two dance groups in Koroni - this one started a few years ago, with classes running throughout the winter, ending with a performance or two in the summer. This year we...

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Print of the Month – June

‘Print of the Month’ for the whole of June is ’Tree in a Pot’ - one of the first altered postcard paintings I ever made, which remains one of my personal favourites. It began with a sketchbook drawing of our one and only olive tree, which then resided in a large...

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The Finished Painting!

As promised, I’m sharing the final stages in the creation of this village sketch painting from last month. After planting the geranium in a feta tin on the left side of the door, I began working around the edges of the painting using some of my favourite tools &...

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